Pinkwater in La La Land

Children’s writer extraordinaire Daniel Pinkwater is posting his new (and possibly best) novel The Neddiad, for free online, offering up one chapter a week. The book is a “rip-roaring foot-stomping, blood-curdling adventure” that opens at the landmark “Brown Derby”– a hat-shaped celebrity hangout restaurant in Los Angeles. The first chapter was posted August 1st, on his website, and a new chapter will appear every Tuesday until its complete. Visit the site:The Neddiad to begin reading. Pinkwater comments, “What we are presenting is the original author’s manuscript. There are some typos, and editorial corrections, and changes by me are not included. So the published book will be slightly different. I am a careful writer, and worked with a fine editor, so the differences are not great, but I thought it might be of interest for some to see what the book was like when handed in.

I’m especially happy to offer this particular book in this fashion because of the roughly 100 books of various kinds I’ve done, I think this is my best work so far.

Readers are welcome to post comments, criticisms, complaints, and exchange remarks–a link will be provided, and I may periodically chime in to discuss and argue with the posters. I’m also hoping that those of you who enjoy the book online will buy a copy for money when it is published. The book is fairly long, so it will be in print before we finish serializing it here.

Thanks for participating in this experiment. I enjoyed writing The Neddiad, and I hope you enjoy reading it.” — Daniel Pinkwater

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