McSweeney’s Junkmail

“McSweeney’s 17 comes disguised as junk mail. I’m pretty sure this takes the crown for most ridiculous media packaging that I have ever purchased. Screw the comb that came in my McSweeney’s 16, the material in this issue is packed inside of envelopes and even comes with a rubberband!

The ridiculous packaging is an odd, yet appropriate, choice for the mixed assortment within. There’s The Envelope, which is a big brown envelope containing reproductions of various contemporary art, mostly paintings. There’s humorous inserts, my favorite being the plural clothing brochure. There’s Yeti Researcher, a parody of a scientific research journal filled, too filled, with yeti research articles. I was more frightened than entertained by the amount of effort that went into reproducing that much straight-faced yeti research articles. And, of course, there are a couple short stories, though most shorter than the usual McSweeney’s fare.”
Source: KWC ORG to purchase your own soon-to-be-collectable multi-media junkmail explosion online: Hit Me! McSweeny’s #17

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