21st September: Peace Day Every Year

Join this year’s celebration, commit to an event, and help the world visualize the birth of world peace. It can only begin one day, one day at a time.

All United Nations member countries agreed that September 21, the International Day of Peace, should be observed as a Global Ceasefire and day of peace and nonviolence. (United Nations Resolution 55/282).

We must try to urge governments, communities and individuals to honor this pledge. Help change the world … Get Involved in the campaign for a Global Ceasefire. There is a wonderful DVD- a documentary film about the journey of making PEACE DAY a reality. It shows clearly the reality of how one person can make a difference. We will loan this film for free to local orginazations or schools who would like to screen it or use it as a discussion tool for Peace day. Call us at 248.968.1190 or stop by to make arrangements.

Please ask your favorite group, organization, or religious institution to endorse the International Day of Peace. Learn more about what you can do at International Day of Peace.

Beyond war and antiwar, what is your vision of an enlightened world? Discuss the issues, express your opinion, publicize your events, build the propeace community at: A Weblog for Peace


Musicians and performers around the world are dedicating their performances to Peace during the Countdown to Peace Day.
If you are a performer, you can join the Peace Day campaign by dedicating one or more of your performances for peace and pledging to let your audience know about the International Day of Peace. Together we can create a Global Ceasefire and humanity’s first day of peace and nonviolence, in our homes, our communities and between nations.

To be included, send your contact information and the date and location of your Peace Day concert to: PeaceDay@PathwaysToPeace.org.

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