What the FCC? More on the Big Media Takeover

“With “Big Media” PBS NOW updates the story of the proposed relaxation of media ownership rules as the time for a final decision comes closer. According to Senator John McCain, the changes being contemplated by the FCC right now are monumental and “will shape the future of communications forever.”

Did you know that some of the same people responsible for your favorite (and least favorite) TV shows make your movies, CDs, books and might own your baseball team? Read more on the “Big Media” takeover at: PBS.ORG: BIG MEDIA NOW w/ Bill Moyers

The StopBigMedia.com Coalition is an alliance of consumer, public interest, media reform, organized labor and other groups that have joined together to fight runaway media consolidation and urge the FCC to put public service before the self-interest of large media corporations. STOP BIG MEDIA and join the coalition.

Here Us Now follows Consumers Union’s long tradition of promoting a fair and just marketplace by empowering consumers to fight for better and more affordable telephone, cable and Internet services or equipment. By focusing on major media, technology and communications issues and emphasizing local stories, HearUsNow.org will help explain increasingly complex issues and the connections between these issues, underscore what’s at stake, and offer ways to make improvements.

Hey Kids — for those of you who’ve been watching for a few years, you’ll remember that in 2003 the FCC was considering legislation to make it possible for one company to own one major newspaper, eight radio stations, and three tv stations in one market. meaning that clearchannel would own not only all of the music venues, radio stations, but also the news stations and the newspaper. i smell a clearchannel / fox merger. it’s like an awful nightmare.Read & weep at: Music for America

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