Ecstatic Jazz Now

“The social revolution of the 1960s called into question the whole function of music in a social and cultural framework. The rebellious youth culture sought in music an outlet for expression freed from the rules and boundaries set by previous generations. A newly self-aware African-American community sought in music a reconnection to African roots and heritage, as well as the forging of new cultural identities. And finally, dissatisfied by religious institutions that seemed ossified and abstract, millions undertook a spiritual quest, exploring the ideas of religions and philosophies from around the globe, especially those that offered the intensity of religious ecstasy combined with the tranquility of meditation.”

Ian Scott Horst has put together an Ecstatic Jazz site that blends the background of religious experience and the detailed biographies and discographies of Alice Coltrane, John Coltrane, Leon Thomas and Pharoah Sanders. These artists and others are featured at JAZZ SUPREME a site devoted to the spirituality and driving forces behind Ecstatic Free Jazz.

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