Sun City Girls Unveiled

I get a lot of crazy thoughts when I listen back to some of the music that we make. My head goes to places that I didn’t know we could go, and I’m [as] familiar with the sound as anybody else! —Alan Bishop, Sun City Girls

The three Girls, Richard Bishop (guitar and piano), Alan Bishop (bass and guitar), and Charles Gocher (drums), have spent 20 years creating willfully obscure music released on willfully obscure labels. They’ve never made any sense, conventionally speaking, and that’s what makes them them…
In short, it was your typical SCG fare—a free-ranging performance with a complete disregard for taste, convention, or planning. The merry pranksters delivered it all after a 10-year absence from New York.
—Tad Hendrickson, Review from a 2002 live performance at the Kitchen in NYC, The Village Voice

Lather up with rare Vinyl, Third-World Rituals, Punks in Iran, Indonesian Ghost Masks, Narcolodic Occult Sound spells, Haitian Voudu and more… the uber-trippy wonder-packed: Sun City Girl’s Website & Assassin’s Bazaar

A recent (2004!) article and interview with the band writ up by Yeti main-man Mike McGonical at Seattle Weekly: Hiding in Plain Sight

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