Be Zorch, Daddy-O, GO APE!

nervousStone Age Woo: The Zorch Sounds of Nervous Norvus. Massive first-time collection of the stone age gristle of musical genius Jimmy Drake a/k/a Nervous Norvus! Includes privately pressed platters, demos and unissued melloroonie masters, all kibble kobblin’ their way into the unsuspecting ears of the universe and beyond! Giant bio booklet filled with clips, snips, facts and photos make this an essential addition to every wild dog’s collection. Be Zorch, Daddy-O — GO APE!

Some fellas have a way with words, but none quite like the late Jimmy Drake a.k.a. Nervous Norvous – the only true poet in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. Read more at: WFMU NERVOUS NORVUS

Nervous Norvus was a beatnik proto-rapper with a string of novelty hits that began with “Transfusion” in 1956:

Toolin’ down the highway doin’ 79
I’m a twin-pipe papa and I’m feelin’ fine
Hey man, dig that — was that a red stop sign?
[squeeeeeeeal … kee-RASH!]Transfusion, transfusion
I’m just a solid mess of contusions
Never never never gonna speed again.

Slip the blood to me, Bud.

My favorite Norvus rap is “The Fang” a perverse tale of Martian testosterone mayhem and UFO 50’s saucer scare. Doff your cool shades and cop a listen to one of the all-time far-out classics: Fang.mp3

The Norvus part Drake came up with on his own. “He just thought of a word to be alliterative with Nervous,” says Blanchard. And so Nervous Norvus it was -double-meaning, alliterative, and vastly cool…. “All I do is just take it easy. I sit in my own backyard, and I got dark glasses on. … I take it cool, and there’s nobody irritating me in my own backyard.” There’s very little history known or written about Norvus. There’s rumor of a large reel of unreleased works floating around Seattle… Read musical historian of the uncanny; Phil Milstein’s probing article: The Many Mysteries of Nervous Norvus.

Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom ze-ze-ze-zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom.

Back in history before time began
All the real cool cats had a solid plan
When they dug a nervous chick they all, to a man, went
Aaaaah – eee – yaaah!

Ape call, doodly – ah – bah You wanna be cool man? Go ape!

The almighty Joe swingin through the trees
Was the king of everything that roosted in the leaves
But when he saw a girl ape, a-hangin in the breeze, he went
Aaaaah – eee – yaaah!

Ape call, doodly – ah – bah
You like to be hip boy? Go ape!

A big dinosaur was a long, tall lizard
He drift through the jungle like a slow blizzard
But when he got a double take at a lady lizard, he did
Aaaaah – eee – yaaah!

Ape call, doodly – ah – bah You wanna be sharp cat? Go ape

A pterodactyl was a flyin fool
Just a… – I thought Id break
in and tell you what a pterodactyl was.
Well, it was sort of a stork
lookin bat with sharp teeth
that cruised around lookin for…
say, we havent changed a bit, have we cats?

A pterodactyl was a flyin fool Just a breeze flappin daddy of the old school
But a mama dactyl could sure make him drool
Aaaaah – eee – yaaah!

Ape call, doodly – ah – bah Dont be square Joe. Go ape!

Now old papa tiger was the boss of the Nile
Just a sport model cat with a solid style
He was old King Cool til a girl tiger smiled
Aaaaah – eee – yaaah!

Ape call, doodly – ah – bah
Bees warts daddio, go ape!

Adam was the first boy in the land
A big malaroony daddy with an iron hand
But when little Eva said, Hiya Man
Aaaaah – eee – yaaah!

Ape call, doodly – ah – bah Dont be a cube, rube. Go ape!

So remember to ape!
Call today …. yeah!
Aaaaah – eee – yaaah!


Um bully bully bully bully bully bully
Zorch means its Edgar
Edgar means its dimph
dimph means its there

Zorch man its nervous
nervous that’s the most
Zorch oh its threatened
threatened means its new
Zorch ain’t it nervous
nervous its the most

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3 comments on “Be Zorch, Daddy-O, GO APE!
  1. I love the ape call song. Ever since I was a kid. And I’m only 28. A timeless classic. I still have my grandmother old record of this song. Aaaaah – eee – yaaah!

    Ps. I think on the other side was the song, “wild dogs of kentucky” Also a cool song.

  2. The song, “Zorch!” was written by, of all people, Alec Wilder. Either he had an affection for Red’s humor (he loved kids) or he had a sizable tab to pay at the Algonquin hotel bar.

  3. LOVE Ape Call but figureing out what malaroony means has always bugged me In the early 60’s I remember looking at a map of California to find a city on the coast. I thought it had something to do with surfing or beach body builders. Old Nervous had his own dictionary!

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